Study of Australian Leadership - 2016

The SAL Report released early 2016, is a national survey (of 2300 workers) into management by the Centre for Workplace Leadership, a federally funded research centre at Melbourne University. Centre for Workplace Leadership director Peter Gahan said it appeared Australian workers ''lack faith in their leaders''.

key findings:

  • 35% of Senior and Middle Managers said they do not have a work role model.
  • 25% of employees in Australian workplaces believe their managers do a good job.
  • 75% believe their workplace suffers from poor leadership and needs better management.
  • 30% productivity gains occurred where employees had greater job satisfaction and motivation. 
  • Few Australian organisations report high levels of innovation

Are your Managers and Teams being prepared?

High-Performance Workplaces have the lowest employee turnover rates, the highest recorded staff satisfaction rates, the highest levels of innovation and productivity and the lowest run costs.

Australian workplaces have not kept pace with changing management and performance standards. There is ever increasing employee dissatisfaction and increasing turnover rates.