Russell is a star when it comes to his ICT Management turnaround capabilities and experience. He knows how to uncover the key issues and works with management at all organizational levels to help build high-performance teams.
His knowledge and experience has ensured successful client engagements time and time again.
— Mike Pepperell, Consulting & Implementation Services (CIS). I help leaders in the Higher Ed., Research & Health sectors develop strategy and implement change. December 22, 2016, Mike worked directly with Russell at Battiston Consulting.
Russell is a highly effective and inspiring leader who sets and achieves high standards of performance and professionalism from his teams. Russell was able to drive value out of the Group ICT services contract well in excess of business expectations while maintaining an engaged and motivated team of internal staff, contractors and external service provider resources - no mean feat!
A member of the Executive Management Team of the Daltron Group for more than four years during a period of rapid growth; Russell was head of the Technology Services Group, the major part of the Daltron Group. Russell was critical to the success of the company, as our core strategies centred around offering a total Technology Solution.
Russell provided a leadership style which produced a highly motivated and skilled group of Engineers, Technicians and Support Staff. He completely reengineered the Groups own Technology base including new Data Centres and introduction of Customer Outsourcing solutions.
Russell was a pleasure to work. I highly recommend him as a coach, mentor and adviser in any areas of ICT. Should the opportunity arise again in the future, it would be a pleasure to work together with Russell in this capacity.
— - Bruce Mead, CEO DaLTRON GROUP
I have had the pleasure of working with Russell on multiple occasions. I met Russell at Colonial Bank where he was leading key change initiatives in the IT division to improve business value and become customer centric. Many staff (including myself) fondly remember the energy, team cohesion and sheer achievements from that period as highlights in our careers.
I am delighted to be able to write this recommendation for a former colleague whom I consider to be a dynamic leader and coach.

I worked with Russell who lead and managed our Technology Services Business at Daltron, from the time I joined, till he left the Business to pursue other opportunities.

Russell was a strong leader at a time of considerable organisational and commercial stress where strong leadership and the ability to recruit, train and mentor a high performance team was essential to take the company forward, and to rebuild its market position. Russell lead the organisational change that allowed Daltron to move from primarily being a hardware seller to a fully integrated ICT Business. Having a full ICT service capability required building capacity, and a strong talent pool, in a market where such expertise was very scarce. Russell was extremely successful in building this capability and was very highly thought off by the Board, the Executive, and his own Team.

Were the opportunity ever to arise again of working together in any capacity I would consider that as both a personal and professional pleasure.

I wish Russell all the very best for the future.